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About us

We offer comprehensive cleaning services for your company. We allow you to focus on your main line of business.

We carry out regular and one-off cleaning services, we provide above-standard clean-up and cleaning services with an increased hygiene standard in all sectors. Our offer has a whole host of special cleaning activities, such as washing the building's exteriors and glass surfaces, working at heights, deep floor washing, cleaning escalators, cleaning atypical surfaces, clean-up after natural disasters (fires, floods) and others. 

You don’t have to deal with personnel issues, supplying cleaning products and sanitary supplies or even professional cleaning technology. 

In order to ensure high-quality services at the highest level, good-quality machinery and technical equipment that complies with all European norms and standards is a must. 

The cleaning and treatment products are selected so as to minimize the burden on waste water and the environment. The products used are concentrates diluted with water for the working solution in the ratio recommended by the manufacturer on the label.

Our vetted and trained staff wear company uniforms and name tags with the ATALIAN logo. Company work clothes come in several designs depending on the type of activities they carry out, the season, the weather, etc. (e.g. cleaning, receptionist, on-site security, summer - winter, etc.). 

Working clothing can be adapted to your needs so as to ensure unification or, in contrast, so our employees stand out from the customer’s employees.

We appreciate every opportunity you can give us to prove our professionalism and many years of experience.

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E-mail: info.cz.atal@atalianworld.com
Sekretariát: +420 326 706 811
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