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07. 06. 2016 | Články

Ethnic Friendly Employer is a brand that allows to award those employers who declare their support to equal treatment to ethnically different population and fulfil this principle on a long-term basis in personal practice.

The thought of certifying employers for purposes of supporting equal treatment of people of minority ethnic origin and increasing their employment rate originated in IQ Roma service Civic Association (IQRS) in 2006.

The project Ethnic Friendly Employer (EFE) is a reaction to persistent employment discrimination against ethnic minorities in the Czech Republic, especially (but not only) against the Roma. The EU regulations regarding racial discrimination (Racial Equality Directive EU 2000/43/ES) had not been applied in the Czech Republic when the project was launched in 2006. The existing law was not addressing the problem adequately .
The situation did not lead to any improvement of life conditions of the Czech Roma; on the contrary it was reinforcing the stereotypes and prejudice of the majority and inhibiting change of behaviour of both, ethnic minorities and majority as well. The Roma employment seekers (e.i. the Roma who are looking for a job, who want to work and can set a good example to others) are facing difficulties which are persistent regardless of the economic situation of the country. Recruitment strategies of majority of employers on the Czech labour market still reflect the common attitudes of majority to the minority groups job applicants. In addition, lots of them are rejected without any specific reason.

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