ATALIAN merges with Servest

28. 05. 2018 | Články

We are delighted to inform you that ATALIAN has decided to merge with the British facility management company SERVEST to create a new company called ATALIAN SERVEST. Atalian and Servest have been working together as part of a joint venture between our two organisations since 2016. 

This merger is a key milestone in the history of the Group which will create a positive transformation for all colleagues and clients and position Atalian Servest in the top five Facility Services players on the worldwide market. 

Established Company Is Expedient For Clients

01. 12. 2017 | Články

It has been several months from the merger of ATALIAN CZ s.r.o. and AB Facility a.s. We are interested in the current state of affairs. We have approached Mr Zdeněk Potomský, MBA, CEO in ATALIAN CZ.

ATALIAN reinforces its positions in Eastern Europe

30. 01. 2017 | Články

Acquisition of the Czech and Slovak group, AB Facility, specialised in Facility Management (FM). 

ATALIAN is Ethnic friendly employer

07. 06. 2016 | Články

Ethnic Friendly Employer is a brand that allows to award those employers who declare their support to equal treatment to ethnically different population and fulfil this principle on a long-term basis in personal practice.

We have a new stripping centre

12. 05. 2016 | Články

ATALIAN company has opened a new stripping centre located in Mlada Boleslav in April 2016.
A construction of this centre which is one of the biggest ones in the Czech Republic lasted more than 8 month.

11. 05. 2016 | Články

We're no longer just a cleaning company, we now provide global facility management

25. 02. 2016 | Články

The cleaning company originally named JANA was founded in Mladá Boleslav in the early 90s by Pavel and Jana Novotný. With over 2,500 employees and turnover of over 1.5 billion crowns, the company, under its present name ATALIAN CZ, is now one of the three largest facility management companies on the Czech market. Commercial Director, David Fiala talks about how a small family cleaning business has grown into a comprehensive facility management company using cutting edge technology.

ATALIAN in the Philippines signs contract with the new Shangri- La hotel in Manila

12. 02. 2016 | Články

ATALIAN’s subsidiary in the Philippines has a won a 10 year contract to provide cleaning services for the brand new Shangri-La at the Fort; a luxury 5 star hotel located in the central Bonifacio district of Manila. The hotel is set to open for the first time on 1st of March 2016.

ATALIAN, Leading European Facility Services Firm, Expands to U.S. and Strengthens Europe Business with Acquisition.

11. 01. 2016 | Články

ATALIAN, a leading international provider of facility services to companies in 21 countries, today announced its expansion into the North American market with the acquisition of Temco Facility Services.

Happy New Year 2016

30. 12. 2015 | Články


Project of the Year in Facility management

10. 12. 2015 | Články

myFABER and myAVIS NG solutions for ATALIAN CZ have been nominated for Project of the Year in Facility management


Special awards in hands of ATALIAN

09. 12. 2015 | Články

The annual event called Week of Facility Management was carrying the motto “Added value of Facility Management” this time. Also this already fifteenth edition brought a rich program to all those interested in the perspective field Facility management. The top event of this conference IFMA CZ held on November 11th 2015 was ceremonial gala evening with awarding of prizes FM AWARDS 2015.

Beaujolais 2015

23. 11. 2015 | Články

The annual event called Beaujolais Nouveau and St. Martin's was held at the traditional site Žofín Garden. ATALIAN company, a member of the French-Czech Chamber of Commerce, attended the event again as a partner. In the gallery, we bring several photographs to have an idea of the atmosphere of this popular event.

ATALIAN CZ to use myAVIS NG to manage sales reps

20. 07. 2015 | Články

In addition to myFABER®, ATALIAN CZ will be using another KVADOS product, myAVIS® NG, to manage sales representatives and customer relations. Full operation will begin this September. ATALIAN CZ provides comprehensive building management and maintenance services. It expects myAVIS® NG to increase the efficiency of its sales team and simplify their work. Other benefits will be the elimination of various paper documents and inefficient processes. Sales reps will then have more time to devote to customer care.

The French UFS partner Atalian signs a 4-year contract with AirFrance

30. 03. 2015 | Články

Atalian Global Services – the UFS partner in France and Central & Eastern Europe – has been awarded by Air France  to provide Facility Management in its headquarter in Roissy. This 4-years-length contract started in September 2014, after 3 months of pre-operation.

This is a new structure for Air France, since beforehand all services were managed by different suppliers and managed by Air France internally.

The Atalian group, together with its exclusive partner City One – specialized in hospitality services – deploys more than 160 people in Air France’s site to deliver maintenance, cleaning, security,  and hospitality services.  This project includes as well an innovative and ambitious plan of reducing the energy consumption to 10% per year.


Purely Czech capital discriminated against us in the field

22. 03. 2015 | Články

The time the Novotnys from Mladá Boleslav started their business played an important role. Their tenaciousness also had its note to play, even if their most important decision was a "marriage of convenience" with a multinational company. From a former employee he is now co-owner of a company that only employs 3,500 people in the Czech Republic alone.

Týden FM 2014

22. 03. 2015 | Články

This year brought a rich program to all those interested in the promising field of facility management, culminating in the IFMA CZ conference on 11. 11. 2014 and a gala evening with the FM Awards 2014 on the same day.

How to clean in paint shops

22. 03. 2015 | Články

How to best describe Best Practices? They are mainly experiences ... One’s own knowledge and skills that we use every day during our activities, sometimes completely automatically and unconsciously. Knowledge collected from years of practice and verified through practice. During ATALIAN’s long-term operation in the market for cleaning paint shops we’ve gained lots of experience. Each of our contract managers has something unique about "their" paint shop and they share this with the others. The exchange of information is absolutely necessary for smooth operations.

Product solutions for the automotive industry

22. 03. 2015 | Články

We offer comprehensive services for the automotive industry that are linked to complete building administration and maintenance. We allow you to focus on your main line of business.

Product solutions for paint shops

22. 03. 2015 | Články

We offer comprehensive services for paint shops that are linked to complete building administration and maintenance. We allow you to focus on your main line of business.

Product solutions for hypermarkets and department stores

22. 03. 2015 | Články

We offer a comprehensive service for hypermarkets and department stores, which is linked to complete building administration and maintenance. We allow you to focus on your main line of business.

Product solutions for hotels and holiday resorts

22. 03. 2015 | Články

We offer a comprehensive service for hotels and holiday resorts, which is linked to complete building administration and maintenance. We allow you to focus on your main line of business.

What are the standards when carrying out contracts?

22. 03. 2015 | Články

ATALIAN continually improves and upgrades the processes for better communication with the customer. Based on an internal study we decided to introduce new processes, which will allow for faster and more efficient solutions.

Mulling over negative trends in the area of FM

22. 03. 2015 | Články

When I was asked to write an article on the current situation in the market for FM services with a focus on the benefits and the very essence of facility management in the Czech market, I decided to take up the challenge from the diametric side, and, at least in the first part, to write about the negative impact of the current trends," says Václav Soukup, director of FM.

We are increasing our share

22. 03. 2015 | Články

ATALIAN CZ continues in its scheduled growth strategy. On 24 March it bought further shares from the original founders and owners of ATALIAN KAF Facility s.r.o.. Currently ATALIAN CZ holds 92.5 %, thus confirming its objective to gradually purchase 100 % and subsequently merge with this company.

Preventive measures against pests and rodents in supermarkets

22. 03. 2015 | Články

Mice among the goods, gnawed sweet wrappers and ubiquitous flying insects. These are the problems that have plagued many a supermarket. But can such "sprees" be prevented?

ATALIAN provides its international expertise to UFS, The new European Facility Management alliance

12. 08. 2014 | Články

UFS - United Facility Solutions – is the outcome of the alliance between the leaders of Facility Management (FM) in Spain (CLECE), Italy (MANUTENCOOP) and France (ATALIAN). Created on the 10th of July 2013, this joint-venture based in Brussels will operate with a dedicated team throughout Europe. MITIE (UK, Ireland, and Norway), Piepenbrock (Germany and Austria) and Facilicom (Netherlands) strengthen this new European alliance as affiliated members.

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