camera systems - pipe camera systems

Allow an inspection of the drains, their status and incline to be checked, the pipes' ovality to be ascertained and the size of any cracks and joints to be measured. They give an overview of the real state of the drains, their deficiencies, fault localization, connections and crossings.

They are intended to localize faults and ascertain the state of DN 50 - DN 200 drains. This system can primarily be used to inspect drains inside buildings and constructions.

The customer receives an inspection report + a record on a CD.

Sliding camera systems

  • inspection of DN 50 - DN 200 drains
  • primarily used inside buildings and constructions
  • light mobile equipment that can make color DVD records
  • measuring distances - locating faults
  • range of up to 50 m

Mobile camera system

  • Monitoring for DN 200 - DN 1000
  • 360° camera rotation
  • Electrically powered arm with profile centering
  • High power diodes, six-wheel carriage
  • Gradient measurement + /- 0.1 %
  • Laser measurement of pipe ovality (in cm)
  • A technical report with text and a graphic description
  • A DVD record
  • Documenting and measuring faults, connections, profile changes and so on
  • Range of up to 150 m, distance measurement
  • Technical inventory of the sewers
  • Qualified camera system operator pursuant to EN 13508 and ISYBAU xml 2006 CZ

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