Care for greenery

22. 03. 2015 | Články

All greenery needs periodic and regular maintenance, which is mainly given by the biological necessities of the plant's life. This is particularly subject to seasonal influences (for example: in the spring lawns must be mown more often, flower beds and bowls need maintaining, in the autumn it is usually necessary to rake fallen leaves, in the spring trees and bushes need pruning, etc.).

This range of activities includes all care for the outdoor greenery - mowing grass, caring for trees, bushes and shrubs, pricking flowers and woody plants, watering, weeding, including self-seeded trees, caring for raised terraces and gardens, caring of grass including gardening work such as sowing, planting, trimming and pruning greenery, fertilizing, etc.

Our experienced gardeners are equipped with professional technology. They care for the greenery around company offices, shopping centers and private gardens.

We prefer meeting in person on site, where all of the requirements will be specified (the scope of services, frequency, etc.), so we can correctly estimate the services necessary and then work out a price bid. You can inform us of how you think the service should be carried out. We then offer you a customized solution. The quotation is free of charge.

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