Cleaning for the automotive industry

We offer the following cleaning services in the area of the automotive industry

Floor care

  • Machine cleaning of manufacturing, storage and logistic facilities
  • Polymer removal and coating
  • Machine and mechanical removal of deposits on floors
  • Disposal of chemical spills and the resulting waste
  • Special floor cleaning - stains, chewing gum, etc.
  • Cleaning area under pallets
  • Cleaning work under machines and technologies
  • Cleaning sinks

Caring for technology, machines and equipment

  • Cleaning production lines and conveyors.
  • Cleaning presses, machine tools, welding machines, etc.
  • Cleaning at height
    (cleaning cranes, air-conditioning surfaces, electricity and gas distribution, lighting for construction elements, etc. )
  • Vacuuming dust, degreasing, washing, conserving technological equipment
  • Washing distributors, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, hydrants.
  • Cleaning steel structures
  • Cleaning hall lighting
  • Washing internal facades

Contact us

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