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Cleaning services, DDD

A clean and tidy environment in the workplace not only increases the employees’ comfort but also the firm’s image as such. We’ll make sure that the cleanliness of your place of work will be an absolutely automatic part of each working day. Not only will you leave your day-to-day cleaning and special cleaning activities to one specialized company, but also disinfecting and rodent control. You will streamline these activities, so you can fully concentrate on your main line of business. 

We have a "custom-made" solution for every sector.

The health standards in every profession are different in many ways. We have many years of experience with cleaning services in many sectors and we can put together a cleaning plan that is precisely customized to your premises and needs. In addition by combining cleaning and DDD activities we can significantly reduce your costs and increase the efficacy of your DDD activities.

Ever since we were founded we have been dealing with the issues of cleaning. Our many years of experience allow us to follow international standards and fully participate in their development. At the beginning we primarily specialized in large industrial buildings, but currently we have experience with most sectors.

Regular cleaning

We offer standard regular cleaning for office and industrial premises, food premises, shopping malls, hypermarkets, health care facilities, logistic centers etc.  
We create a cleaning plan for every customer and for every object to fully meet the customer’s requirements, as well as being effective and economical. Each customer is treated on an individual basis and any special requirements that result from the nature of the building (e.g. increased health standards) are taken into account.

Special cleaning

Laundry service

As part of the services we can offer cleaning services from our own laundry room, which is located in the operations part of our central office in Mlada Boleslav. We wash sheets and covers, towels, tea towels, tablecloths and table linen, curtains, shades, overalls. The laundry is ironed, pressed and, if necessary, we can even arrange minor repairs.


Winter maintenance and maintenance of outdoor areas

Outdoor maintenance is mainly cleaning the adjacent communications, parking lots, sidewalks, loading docks etc. It concerns sweeping, refuse collection and other work, either by machine or manually.
Winter maintenance is primarily clearing snow - manually and by machine, gritting communications, pedestrian zones.

Administrative cleaning

  • regular cleaning in offices, corridors and public spaces
  • cleaning and servicing sanitary facilities (toilets, showers, changing rooms)
  • continuous daily service
  • caring for indoor greenery

Caring for outdoor areas

  • comprehensive care of grassy areas and greenery
  • winter maintenance (snow removal, gritting)
  • summer maintenance (machine sweeping, tidying up leaves and dirt, sprinkling)

The service team

As a general rule we provide one-off work via a specialized service team, which aims to build the necessary contingency facilities needed for preventing and minimizing damages at our customers.

 Examples of providing one-off work.

Floor coverings

  • extraction cleaning
  • dry vacuuming
  • applying polymers (waxing)
  • deep cleaning (scrubbing)
  • maintenance of ceramic materials
  • maintenance of cork coverings
  • maintenance of natural stone materials

internal and external casings for buildings

  • washing cladding
  • steeplejack work (cleaning skylights, air-conditioning, structures, maintenance of internal walls)
  • renovation of mineral facades
  • cleaning and maintaining gutters and drains
  • painting and decorating services

Glazed areas

  • washing windows and other glazed surfaces
  • cleaning horizontal and vertical blinds

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