Cleaning technologies, paint shops and maintenance

Cleaning technologies and paint shops

  • Cleaning with high-pressure water (from 200 to 2000 bar) - especially hardened deposits or fresh paint from the paint shop grilles or suspension technology.
  • Cleaning with dry ice - this technology doesn’t harm the equipment or components that would otherwise be damaged by water or organic solvents.
  • Removing paint deposits (paint removal) from suspension technology, skids and grilles thermally.
  • Chemical paint removal technology - removing coatings with alkaline, acidic or organic substances.

Industrial machinery, technological equipment or paint shops have their own characteristics when compared to other manufacturing enterprises.  And that concerns cleaning them too. Thanks to the many years of experience in the most challenging production plants, we can claim to be specialists in technological cleaning at industrial plants.

Technological cleaning

The specially focused cleaning technology center offers services for cleaning paint shops, paint boxes, technology units, machining centers, etc.

Care for the technological units

We provide the operation, servicing and maintenance of technology units in the area of air-conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation and heat pumps technology according to the nature of the technology and the customer’s requirements.

Operating the technology and equipment without the need for permanent service is provided by regular checks on its operation and preventive maintenance inspections, thereby avoiding emergencies.
In addition we ensure the supply and installation of air-conditioning and all associated parts - wiring, plumbing technology, M&R ...

Program of services for paint shops

Analyses, breakdowns, advisory service

  • ascertaining the sources of dirt and their analysis
  • measuring the speed and defects in air flow in the paint-shop’s technical equipment
  • measuring dust in the painting cabin, determining the origin and composition of the particles
  • chemical and physical analyzes of substances
  • qualitative and quantitative identification of industrial impurities
  • analyzes of paint defects, elaborating a defects catalog - the kinds of defects and their causes
  • photo documentation - sources of dirt, types of dirt
  • developing technological processes for cleaning paint shop technology and proposing a cleaning frequency
  • training paint shop personnel

Cleaning service

  • cleaning chemical pretreatments, jet spraying and drying cabins
  • cleaning air conditioning, paint mixing plants, waste water plants
  • protecting paint and drying cabins from paint overspray by applying paint sensors and covering foil
  • application of electrostatically active materials
  • installing elasticated sleeves to protect the robots’ surfaces
  • installing mats with an adhesive surface
  • cleaning in less accessible places at heights

Special cleaning technologies:

  • cleaning machinery and technological equipment (machining centers, presses, injection molding machines)
  • steeplejack work
  • cleaning buildings’ facades and cladding
  • general technological cleaning
  • removing the aftereffects of fires



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