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ATALIAN sees energy management as a service leading to rational energy use from the process of planning consumption during the design stage to optimizing the costs for acquisition and consumption. Among the services provided are primarily:

  • consultancy when planning and designing energy sources
  • energy audits
  • ensuring the selection process for electricity supplier incl. the regime of the Public Procurement Act
  • consultancy when optimizing energy consumption
  • monitoring energy consumption using HW and SW
  • ensuring energy at affordable prices and on favorable terms and conditions (water, electricity, gas, technical gases, ... )
  • measuring and regulating energy consumption
  • ensuring all statutory inspections and tests
  • thermal energy production, heat energy distribution
  • distribution of electricity, the territory of distribution is located in the defined territory of ČEZ distribution, the distribution system operation rules of the distribution system operator, directly connected to the transmission system,
  • gas distribution

Activities aimed at permanently maintaining a stable operating state in energy equipment with an eye to keeping the minimum possible energy consumption. This consists of a regular registration and evaluation of the parameters defining energy consumption. An important component of energy management is setting energy consumption objectives with respect to maximum savings and minimizing the environmental impact. The energy manager has a permanent influence on the user leading them to energy-conscious behavior.

We offer services related to the purchase and distribution of energy and managing energy equipment.

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