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01. 12. 2017 | Články

It has been several months from the merger of ATALIAN CZ s.r.o. and AB Facility a.s. We are interested in the current state of affairs. We have approached Mr Zdeněk Potomský, MBA, CEO in ATALIAN CZ.

How do you manage the merger of No.1 and No.3 companies on the market? What has been accomplished already? Are there any surprises for you?

Merger of the two companies is running full speed and a lot of work has been done in nearly a year. I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to all who participate in the merger and dedicate to the project their efforts, energy and time. We have been merging - in simple words - two completely different environments and individually existing companies. Things applicable and working in company A do not necessarily apply and work in company B and vice versa. We firmly believe that we succeed in creating a strong and stable team of people who will make use of the huge potential created on the market by the merger of the top and third FM companies. Honestly, such a large merger is encountered only rarely in this field and one’s professional life and the experience is absolutely unique and unrepeated both for the company and its personnel. In addition to unifying and setting the operation processes, such as linking the jobs in individual regions, exploiting the management possibilities, unifying the functional processes etc. we have faced numerous issues and complications inevitably occurring in merger of two large organisations, particularly accounting and economic systems, implementation and setting of a unified software version of specialised programmes, internal legal processes, workflow systems, merging the confidential information protection systems and so on. It is of utmost importance our operating personnel and our clients remain unaffected, if possible, by such settings and occurring issues. However, as I have noted at the beginning, we all have managed to cover a huge workload in the past 9 months - and I am very proud of our people and the company.

You have been with ATALIAN since 2009. You have experienced several mergers and seen a small company providing environmental service grow into a leader in the field of complete FM, being its CEO now. How would you describe the development?

Yes, that is correct. We have gone through several mergers and although none of them compares with the size and complexity of the ATALIAN  and AB Facility merger, I believe that every step taken and every decision made with the aim of permanent growth both in size, but particularly in services provided in the field of complete facility management had been in the right direction. We live undoubtedly in the time when the FM providers face demands for high level and professional quality of provided service. Everywhere we constantly hear discussions about difficulties in hiring people to individual job positions regardless profession or level of expertise. I believe that people have already come to realise the complexity and pitfalls of price policy not only in public procurement, but also with local clients or in individual tenders. And here I get back to your question. I firmly believe that a stable, large and particularly healthy company is able to fight flexibly these critical aspects of our time and thus bring to its employees and clients the benefit of security and stability of long-term and successful cooperation.

And where does ATALIAN go? What are the visions for the following years?

Here comes an obvious answer: The principal vision and direction in the coming years is to occupy the leading position in the FM service industry. And I would like to accentuate again that it pertains not only to our turnover in the Czech Republic, but also to top level and quality of services provided by us. The key issues are to create and maintain a strong and stable team of core employees, their professional development, training and comfort in the company. And of course a superb support in performed activities both outwards in respect of individual clients and jobs and inwards to the company. In no way we are or become the proverbial shoemaker going barefoot…

“Services and People” is the motto of this FM Week. How do you understand the phrase?

It is closely connected with what I have already said. It is in fact a simple equation: Low price = worse equipment, less training, cheaper personnel and much lower level of provided service. Czech economy has been well off lately, we all want to push the quality and salaries up, but it is impossible without better sale prices. Information and human force are the basic economical inputs. We aim to change, or if you wish transform, the inputs into an output of top quality work, i.e. product. In our opinion it is of utmost importance that the market, or to be more precise the clients and customers, have at least a basic idea of the benefits of high quality FM service.

It has been said already but what improves the quality of service more than good, helpful and well-trained personnel who considers the relationship with the client or provider their personal issue?

It is in their interest to provide the best service and make sure the client is happy. In other words, we may have expensive cars, top-quality equipment and well-known names of company offices, but every sensible top manager must know that every business, every job or even a company grows and falls with its people. Our motto - správa budov ve správných rukou (transl. FM in the right hands) - reflects in everything we do, in services we provide and that binds us to quality and responsibility towards all our clients and partners.

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