Facility Management

ATALIAN understands FM as a strategic management tool with which we achieve the optimal structure for non-manufacturing costs and thus the corresponding quality and benefit from the individual processes. We emphasize management, competence, responsibility, quality and guarantees for the services provided. The Facility Object Manager is responsible for the order and conducts the multi-technical services provided by in-house staff together with outsourced services.

In the framework of our services we offer a comprehensive project solution which is adapted to the given segment. Among these projects are, for example, Satisfied Customer and Tenant, Falling Costs, Microbiological Purity within the Standard, Paint Shop without Rejects, Officials Won’t be After Us, etc. Individual projects include the following activities:

  • maintenance and operating buildings’ technology equipment (BTE)
  • diagnostics, preventive and regular maintenance, repairs and overhauls
  • operating BTE
  • operator for a measurement and control system (MAC)
  • servicing and maintenance utility networks and health technology (HT)
  • building maintenance
  • reviews, professional technical inspections and services for technology units
  • providing on-call and emergency services
  • remote monitoring BTE and intelligent building elements with links to a central control
  • surveillance and security services, CSD services
  • waste handling and disposal
  • internal cleaning
  • outdoor cleaning - spring/winter
  • maintaining and planting greenery
  • Disinfection, removal of insects, rat extermination (DDD)
  • hygiene supplies, protective equipment, office supplies, spare parts (SP)
  • ensuring postal and telecommunications services, including Call Centers
  • ensuring reception , registry, copying, and other administrative services
  • ensuring IT services including the supply of HW, SW
  • administration of warehouse management for indirect materials and SP
  • catering, dining, event management
  • drawing documentation management
  • CAD management in electronic and paper form
  • technical inventory of areas, BTE and construction elements
  • complete processing, managing and implementing Health Safety Environment (HSE) issues - OSH, PO, Environment Management System (EMS)
  • processing, managing and recording waste management issues
  • processing, managing and recording all building guidelines and rules
  • reporting
  • servicing and maintaining the vehicle fleet
  • internal transport
  • and others

The main benefits of FM for the customer

  • Price × quality × benefits, utility = defining the Service Level Agreement
  • Performance, quality, risk, value = SLA, KPI
  • Labor productivity
  • Benchmarking
  • Annual savings
  • A contractually guaranteed annual saving based on an Analysis of Building Operation (ABO).
  • Integration and synergy processes
  • Integration and synergy of technological systems
  • Process optimization

Examples of specific benefits for the customer

  • thorough control of processes - minimizing penalties for failure to comply with duties prescribed by the state (maintaining technological equipment for running a building, professional control and review, waste, OHS).
  • one communication and billing partner - primary responsibility for delegated processes, less organizational and information collisions, setting a stable cash flow
  • maximum use of administration of operational documentation and timely methodological updates = keeping key information about running the building, reduced risk in emergency situations, etc.

Possibility to MAKE SAVINGS

  • optimizing internal costs associated with coordination of support processes, use of synergies in management
  • using a well-established system for evaluating suppliers - guarantee of best conditions as concerns price/quality for supplies of chemicals and materials, and external services
  • taking on risks during storage management (quality and quantity control during entry and exit of goods from stores, deficits and damage during storage)
  • correct setting for surveillance processes - minimizing number of thefts
  • optimizing the costs for energy consumption (choice of tariff, change in heating) lower costs for communicating with external suppliers (only one internal partner), etc. .

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