Fire protection & health and safety at work

In the area of fire protection (FP) we provide technical and organizational activities which ensure the obligations of legal persons and natural persons engaged in business activity as set by the legislature. This concerns processing FP documentation, carrying out FP training and professional preparation for staff, setting the conditions for fire safety under the activities carried out, checking that the FP regulations are upheld, etc.

We provide services in the area of health and safety at work (HSW). This concerns services linked to safeguarding the duties arising from the regulations to ensure occupational safety and the safety of technical equipment with increased risk to life and health, regulations setting working conditions and the basic requirements on the working environment and health protection at work, in particular, activities associated with risk prevention, including designing measures to minimize and eradicate risks at their sources. Activities associated with introducing and implementing elements in the control system for HSW in the building in question. Carrying out training, including verifying knowledge of the legal and other regulations to ensure HSW, consultancy and organizational activity in this area, etc.  

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