Paint removal for parts and technological products

We provide various paint removal techniques

  • Cleaning with high-pressure water (from 200 to 2000 bar) - especially hardened deposits or fresh paint from the paint shop grilles or suspension technology.
  • Cleaning with dry ice - this technology doesn’t harm the equipment or components that would otherwise be damaged by water or organic solvents.
  • Removing paint deposits (paint removal) from suspension technology, skids and grilles thermally.
  • Chemical paint removal technology - removing coatings with alkaline, acidic or organic substances.
  • The manufacture of any paint products or grilles upon request by the customer, repair of damaged parts.
  • Calibration of parts, protecting the parts' surfaces from flying rust (passivation).
  • Ensuring transport in relation to the production processes at the customer.

Following an inquiry by the customer the test loads are tested Testing consists of measuring and weighing the part, taking a photo of it, writing out a part card and the actual test load itself.

records table is made up, which documents the entire cleaning process and is used for any customer complaints. The records table contains information on the date of the load, the temperature during paint removal, the number of parts per load, the load's weight, the number of paints on the parts. In addition there is information on the consumption of gas, electricity and water.

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