Preventive measures against pests and rodents in supermarkets

22. 03. 2015 | Články

Mice among the goods, gnawed sweet wrappers and ubiquitous flying insects. These are the problems that have plagued many a supermarket. But can such "sprees" be prevented?

ATALIAN carries out a preventive service in several supermarkets throughout the Czech Republic, and so we asked colleagues from this division what is the current situation.

Considering the fact that most stores that are generally located on the peripheries of cities or built near fields, rodents cannot be prevented from entering. The building would have to be hermetically sealed, which is quite impossible.

Therefore it cannot be completely prevented, but there are effective prevention measures. These consist of logically placed traps and regular inspection of the entire store.

Initially a technician carries out a risk analysis of the places and then draws a plan of the individual sites. These must meet set standards and comply with the rules.

They also check and make sure everything is technically and structurally sound. Part of the preventive DDD service is also monitoring whether the protective moldings on the doors have not been damaged or whether there are holes in the walls where pests could enter. These risks must be detected and eliminated.

For the actual control, then, for example, electric traps are used for flying insects or traps with poisonous bait are used for rodents. Normal customers don’t notice these devices. The have to be positioned so as to avoid endanger the health of shoppers or contaminating the food.

If the pests get into the store, then the rodent is lured to food with an admixture of poisonous substances. It dies within a few days of oral ingestion, generally out in the wild where it came from. 

Classic mouse traps are not used that much, only when there is a greater incidence.

The system is regularly checked by a technician who always checks all the installed traps and tops up the bait. If there is still an infestation or a problem, then ‘punitive action’ is carried out.

Traps alone are not enough. Staff cooperation is very important. Care must be taken about security when handling goods, especially in the warehouse. This is where the biggest attractions for rodents are found, such as rubbish bags.

It is generally safe to say that the occurrence of mice and undesirable pests in the sales area cannot be guarded against enough. By careful and responsible preventive actions, however, we won’t have to meet with these "wee beasties".

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