Product solutions for hypermarkets and department stores

22. 03. 2015 | Články

We offer a comprehensive service for hypermarkets and department stores, which is linked to complete building administration and maintenance. We allow you to focus on your main line of business.

Continuous day and night cleaning service

One-off daily cleaning

  • washing floors manually and by machine
  • washing pretreatments, chilling and refrigeration boxes
  • washing sales shelves and counters
  • washing checkouts and checkout zones
  • cleaning sanitary areas
  • cleaning office space
  • cleaning hoods and exhausts

one-off general cleaning

  • applying polymers (waxing)
  • extraction cleaning for heavy-duty carpets
  • scrubbing (brushing) anti-skid floors
  • washing windows and other glazed surfaces
  • cleaning kids' corners
  • cleaning underground garages
  • cleaning and maintaining outdoor areas

Contact us

Sekretariát: +420 326 706 811
Infolinka: +420 722 365 365

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