Nowadays great emphasis is placed on savings as well as environmental protection. The real estate market is highly competitive, which constantly pushes the price of "facility" services down. That’s why we have decided to offer our customers a new service - the Ergelis system.

Ergelis is a new project from ATALIAN. This is a system that brings large energy saving to the owners of shopping centers or office buildings. This project was first started in the Czech Republic in September 2013. ATALIAN has teamed up with the French company Ergelis, which has been on the French market since 2004. ATALIAN first began cooperating with Ergelis five years ago and by using a unique energy saving system it has saved the owners of buildings large amounts of money. This system already works in approximately 200 buildings throughout Europe. For example we can present several important customers in France.

Savings Name of building Total area (in m2) Annual savings (in euros)
office buildings
Panorama building 7 €19,000
Accenture headquarters 20 €29,000
Orange main campus 66 €165,000

Average annual savings in euros per meter:2
1.8 €/m2

(area is 1000 m2)

Based on detailed information from the customer on energy consumption over the past years, and on the basis of an inventory of all the technical equipment, Ergelis first calculates the optimal consumption for each device and the possible savings. Afterwards it gives the customer a quotation for the necessary investment into the system. The return on investment is in the range of 1 - 3 years. Savings are contractually guaranteed. After signing the contract, the system is installed into the building, which takes 6 months.

How exactly does the system work? In most buildings there are large technical devices connected to the automatic building management system (BMS). The Ergelis system connects to the BMS and then controls each device at the optimum level. These optimal settings give rise to energy savings.

In the Czech Republic the system was installed and put into operation on 1 March 2014. 

The following video gives more information about the Ergelis project: (click the picture to start video)


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