Maintenance of greenery

22. 03. 2015 | Články

We can care for the maintenance of greenery either regularly or on a one-off basis. We have experience with caring for large corporate premises, parking areas and private residences.

 Regular maintenance of the greenery in public and commercial areas

  • mowing and weeding
  • mowing on a slope
  • mulching grass  
  • tending to hedges and ornamental bushes
  • chemical treatment
  • waste disposal
  • other services based on a agreed-upon timetable

One-off maintenance of green spaces

  • recultivating neglected gardens
  • laying lawns (sowing, laying grass rolls)
  • planting ornamental bushes and trees  
  • pruning and felling trees
  • removing damage after natural disasters

We prefer meeting in person on site, where all of the requirements will be specified (the scope of services, frequency, etc.), so we can correctly estimate the services necessary and then work out a price bid. You can inform us of how you think the service should be carried out. We then offer you a customized solution. The quotation is free of charge.

Please fill out our inquiry form.

We respond to inquiries within 24 hours. The inquiry service is non-binding. 

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