Cleaning sewers and waste

NONSTOP emergency service

603 847 144

Emergency services in the area of sewage cleaning are provided 24 hours a day, on weekends and public holidays, throughout the Czech Republic without a surcharge:  

  • cleaning all sewer 
  • sewer monitoring with TV camera
  • cleaning clogged manholes and storm inlets  
  • cleaning house tanks, holdings tanks

We have been involved in cleaning sewers and waste disposal for over 10 years. Thanks to our branches with technical facilities in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Tábor and Teplice we can get to you anywhere in the CR.

Environmental service

Cleaning sewers and maintenance work on them is definitely not one of the most frequent activities in your buildings.  However, when a problem occurs, the greater the worry it brings with it. Look for a partner that will provide you with preventive check-ups and regular services as well as being able to immediately intervene in the event of an accident at your premises. That's when you'll appreciate not only our expertise and reliability, but also the 24 hour non-stop service.











Areas where our services are used

Households cleaning toilets, urinals, sinks, floor drains, drains, cleaning assemblies, all of this including assembly and dismantling
cleaning manholes, downpipes and drains, drainage channels and conduits
Food and catering operations Cleaning pumping stations, fat traps, sludge and drip pits, oil separators, manual and machine sediment extraction
Purchase and logistic centers Electro-mechanical and high pressure sewer cleaning DN 50 - DN 1000 mm
Industrial buildings sewer monitoring
leakage tests for pipes and tanks - using water or air
Roads and public communications sewer cleaning and monitoring
transport and disposal of liquid and solid hazardous and other waste

Contact us

Sekretariát: +420 326 706 811
Infolinka: +420 722 365 365

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