Services of the TAB division - technical administration of buildings

We will reduce your cost for repairs

Our staff are qualified in various fields with the necessary certificates for management, maintenance, and professional review. We work with the latest technology including diagnostics. Thanks to this and the regular monitoring of the state of the building, we can prevent your technologies having unexpected breakdowns, expensive guarantee faults or accidents.  As a consequence we lower the costs for repairs and thus prevention acts as future savings.

The perfect technical condition of the buildings in which you carry out your production, administrative or commercial activities, is imperative for the business to run smoothly as well as a calling card for your business partners. Entrust the care of your buildings to our skilled workers, they'll take care of the building's running and administration, offer nonstop construction preparedness and, on top of that, save you operating costs.

The services we most often provide in the technical administration of buildings category are:  

  • regular maintenance and ensuring the operation of the building or real estate
  • NONSTOP emergency service (7 days a week 24 hrs.) with a guaranteed time of arrival for the emergency vehicle
  • status monitoring, reviews and training  
  • technical inspections
  • curative (systemic) and preventive maintenance
  • technical administration associated with building management
  • a small-scale construction service

By unifying more services at one supplier not only do you get easier communications and coordination of the building's technical management (just one contact manager for you). First of all there is an immediate saving on operating costs, as during the optimization and integration of all the technologies used in the premises by a properly set facility management we extend the life and increase the building's value.

We also provide other ancillary services such as, for instance, preparing studies including their implementation in the technical area (expanding the air-conditioning ducting or heating, wiring, piping, etc.), we conduct an audit of the technical installations including the subsequent preparation of a proposal for improving the state of the installations.  

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