Technical equipment

In order to ensure high-quality services at the highest level, good-quality machinery and technical equipment that complies with all European norms and standards is a must.

Vehicle fleet:

Our company has a large vehicle fleet of passenger cars and commercial vehicles and tractors making it easy to carry out and monitor jobs. The number of licensed vehicles is over 180.

Cleaning machines:

Our main cleaning machines are such brand names such as HAKO, TENNANT and NILFISK.  

Machinery and equipment for cleaning services in figures:

number of washing machines - 358
vacuum cleaners - 1204
total items - 3340 - cleaning and sweeping machines, vacuum cleaners, extractors, cleaning carts

Machinery and equipment for special cleaning:

HEFTER RF40 from HEFTER Cleantech - a machine made for cleaning escalators and moving pavements. Cleaning can be carried out automatically or by an employee.


PuraQleen system - allows smooth surfaces (windows, cladding, etc.) to be washed directly from the ground up to a height of 18m. The apparatus creates demineralized water, which doesn't leave any stains after drying.

Special technical equipment:

ATALIAN has a number of special vehicles intended for sewage cleaning and waste disposal. These are, for example, emergency vehicles equipped with high pressure cleaning equipment and with a camera system, large Mercedes and Man tankers, a skip lorry, a suction excavator, and others.

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