Technical equipment cleaning drains

High-pressure technology for cleaning drains and technological equipment

High-pressure vehicles:
VW Crafter  
VW Transporter  
Camera vehicles and camera systems:
Fiat Ducato - mobile camera  
Mobile camera sliding systems  
Mobile system for pressure tests  
  • High-pressure hose 3/8", 1/2", 3/4"
  • high-pressure hose range of up to 90 m
  • hydraulic winding for high-pressure hose
  • built-in plastic water tank for 1m3
  • can even be deployed during winter
  • camera inspection can take place whilst cleaning

Efficient tankers:

combi vehicle with rec. Elephant
  • Volume of sludge tank 8m3
  • Volume of technical water tank 2m3
  • Vacuum pump - 2650m3 air/hour
  • High-pressure pump - 365 l/min, 170 BAR
MB AXOR combi vehicle
  • Volume of sludge tank 6m3
  • Volume of technical water tank 2m3
  • Vacuum pump - 1150 m3 air/hour
  • High-pressure pump - 175l/min, 150 BAR
  • Cleaning drains and sewers up to DN 600mm

The recycling system allows the sludge to be separated and pre-cleaned with technological water for re-use during high-pressure sewer cleaning - highly effective work, minimal waste arising from cleaning.

Cleaning drains and sewers up to DN 1200mm

ADR - MAN suction wagons

ADR - MAN suction wagons
  • tank volume 12 m3
  • vacuum pump - 1650 m3 air/hour
  • high-pressure pump - 60l/min, 110 BAR
  • transport of ADR waste class 3 and 9

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