What are the standards when carrying out contracts?

22. 03. 2015 | Články

ATALIAN continually improves and upgrades the processes for better communication with the customer. Based on an internal study we decided to introduce new processes, which will allow for faster and more efficient solutions.

Data collection

An important factor in the care of customers is fast and accurate collection of the requirements. Nonstop technical support from the call center with trained operators is available to receive calls or e-mails 24 hours a day seven days a week.

This infoline forms a bridge between ATALIAN and the general public.

You don’t need to be an expert in the issue that worries you. By asking the right questions the operator ascertains the necessary data and directs the order the ATALIAN division, which will start to resolve the order within the agreed deadline.

Your order travels to the head of the region in question who assesses all the details and assigns the specific activities to the professional staff. They then carry out the order according to the priorities and deadlines on the principle of a Gantt Chart. All of this takes place electronically within seconds or minutes.


Another factor ensuring compliance with limits and standards is the high-quality local coverage of the Czech Republic with the network of branches.

Our technician can be anywhere in the CR within 2 hours of reporting an accident. This means your business or household can be sure that our professionally trained worker will arrive in a professionally-equipped car to stop the cause of the emergency.

We are convinced that the right way is to use our own staff, our own technology and to be liable for carrying out these services so that our vision is upheld, that being that your business is in the right hands with us.

Handing over a completed order

There are several aspects to ideas about development and growth. It is not just our regional coverage that is constantly improved. An often forgotten factor is equipping the staff who will work on the order. That is why our technicians are equipped with mobile data devices which communicate with the other members of the work process without the need for expensive and environmentally costly paper documentation. We decided to move the standard so that the client receives a certificate about the work carried out including photos of the situation before and after. All of this directly to the customer’s e-mail box in just a few minutes after completing the work. You have absolute control over the fact that the required work took place. You can easily refer these data further, if necessary.

We try to ensure the services offered to our clients are of the highest level so our clients receive the most benefit possible. 

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